Lebaran Vacation (sambungan)

Just a week before the fasting month ends, people start to prepare for Iedul Fitri day, the big feast. It is an equivalent of Christmas in the west, where people go home to their parents and gather with their families. In Indonesia, those who have families go home, usually to Central or East Java. No matter how struggling it is to get back, and probably even have to pay it with your life, they HAVE to go home. They HAVE to be with their families on the D-day. So do I, no matter how far the distance to go back home during those times, I don’t care. I went back home a day before Idul Fitri.

Lebaran means exposing yourself to the family. Parents seem to have all the reason to criticize your life even though your life is fine; just because it doesn’t meet their expectation. And that is after the ‘sungkeman’ (asking forgiveness for any mistakes in the past time). For me, lebaran means going home or mudik, meeting all the family with a big smile on your face, going around village, visiting older relatives (thank God, I still have much time to stay around them and see how much their love for me), eating the same food at different houses. If your parents are one of the older ones, you go there and greet the guests, who usually bring little kids who are ready to crash the house (or vase, lamp, plants, stereo, whatever).

You know, it seem like a big vacations, there are lots of expectations involved in Idul Fitri. Expecting good news since the last time we’ve met, and also expecting progress your little sister, nephew, your cousin, and give them money even 5 hundred thousand as the reward for their struggle to do fasting. Wow... it was craziest moment ever in my big family.

Here is the rec. some crazies’ moment…

one of the famous place to recreation in west java..ujung genteng beach..

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