Best Ever Vocation

Hi everyone… how are u doin anyway, after spending Iedul Fitri vocation…? Hope everyone got the best time with families and got the crazies experience. Coz for me, Idul Fitri is the huge and sacral moment to share our happiness with all people around us and also time to gather, celebrating the winning day with our families…

Well, last night I just back again from my village, after spending a few week vocation. You know what I got from my vocation…? Haha.. I got manything, I met my lovely family, gathering with friends (reuinian gitu..), helping my best friend for preparing his weeding party, alah.. pokoknamah I bring a lot of things… story, happiness, and also brings kinds of lebaran cake... hehehe..(ada yang mau ga.. opak, rangginang, kolontong, jipang cake, de el el).

Eh, the last but not least, happy iedul fitri for all of u, minal aidzin wal fa idzin, lets us purify our past and hope for the best future.. ciayo…

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Thursday, October 09, 2008 ×

met lebaran bos, maap lahir batin ya...

asyik dong, reunian dan makan banyak kue..
kayaknya seru kalo ceritanya di publish pada postingan selanjutnya.. ^_^

Friday, October 10, 2008 ×

kepanjangan kalo diceritain semuanya boss.. pegel ngetiknya,hehe... potongan2nya aja deh.. lg liburan di pantai ujung genteng, indah banget... kalo maen ke daerah jampang sukabumi, silahkan mampir dulu.. ntr kita sambit, eh salah sambut maksudnye..

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