Update International Youth Forum 2008

News Update! The application form submission is extended to May 15, 2008

International Youth Forum 2008 is a forum for youths to learn, share and experience mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation among world youth faiths leader communities through real conversations on what things that matter the most, so that they can be the agents of a peaceful change in their own communities. The IYF 2008 will bring about 300 young people ages of 18-30 from around the world that have been actively engaged or interested in this program.

Program's Goal:

  • To promote mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation among interfaith, international, and inter-civilization youth leaders in the world.
  • To bring clarity of divisive issues and help forge greater understanding towards peace.
  • To build a peace network
  • To provide creative space for peace thoughts, interactions, and social movement.
  • To build a Global Youth Action Plan and recommendation on achieving MDGs 2015

Program Format:

This program will offer a mixing speakers to share their own experiences of peace-building toward MDGs and youth empowerment issue, country paper sessions, inner reflection and sharing in which individuals can share their peace-building stories, panel-discussions, quiet time, world cafe, dialogue, field practice, social workshops involving the local communities, free time, workshop on practical exercises for skill improvement, cultural event, and family groups.

How to Participate
Just simply click here to download the IYF 2008 application form and email your completed application form to bandungforum@gmail.com.This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please click here for IYF 2008 Leaflet.pdf(2.2MB), please click here for IYF 2008 Poster.jpg (388Kb)

Program Sessions

1. Reflection and Quiet Time
A session at the start of each day to inspire participants and reflect on issues relevant to the conference themes. The usual format involves a short presentation, followed by a period of silence to reflect on the theme(s) discussed. There is also an opportunity for sharing any new insights.

2. Plenary Sessions
A talk show plenary session will have a theme for each day. Each session will involve a panel of speakers expressing their perspectives and life experiences.

Session I
Toward a Peaceful World Sustainability

- What is a Peaceful World?

- Dialogue among Civilizations for Peace

- Future of Peace Building Movement

- Youth and Peace Movement

Session II
Toward the Millennium Development Goals

- World Challenges and Current Achievement of MDGs

- World Youth Movement on MDGs

Session III:
Strengthening Youth as the Agent of Change

- Youth Empowerment in the New Millennium

- Youth Entrepreneurship

- Searching for a Common Ground: Strengthening Youth to Build a Global Action

- Creating Youth Alliances as Peace Makers

Family Group
Time each day is spent in small groups of around 10 people, where each individual is invited to share his/her life story. It is an opportunity to deepen relationships and build mutual trust amongst participants.

4. Focus Group Discussion
In focus group discussion, participants will discuss and priorities issues of concern from 3 sessions before for renewed and fresh youth concern drawing together the common threads of the conceptual framework expressed in the workshop, City Tour, Live-In Program, social action, and working group discussion.

Participants will meet in sub-regional groups that may be further sub-divided base on geographical location and context, and also base on topic from organizing committee: Youth and Peace; Youth and MDG’s Challenge; Youth as Agent of Change.

The result of focus group discussion will be important for the formulation of the Strategic, Action after program, and Declaration of International Youth Forum.

5. Cultural Night
Each country represented at the conference will be offered an opportunity to share their history, culture and customs. The intention is to build greater understanding of the diversity of this region, and respect for each others traditions and history.

6. Workshop
Workshop will give us time to reflect for issue that we receive in session, and deliberate on selected issues and concern within diver’s realties of our region, social relevance, responsiveness, and institutional viability. They will be the impetus for all as good global citizen to move forward in fresh ways towards engagements that will transform communities for sustainability and abundant life. Participants will able to choose to participate in two workshop of their choice.

Many of facilitator will be colleague and friends who are delegates themselves with practical experience in related topics to bring forth ideas for our vision of our future work.

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